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Who is Dr. Quek?

Dr. Quek Keng Hong, a consulting engineer by practice, is the principal of a engineering consultancy Dr. Quek & Associates. He graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering Science and Ph.D. degrees from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 1986, 1987 and 1991, respectively. 

Dr. Quek is a professional engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, and a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM). He is also a registered EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Consultant with the Department of Environment Malaysia and the Natural Resources and Environment Board Sarawak.

He served as the treasurer and council member of the N.G.O. ENSEARCH (Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia) for three terms. He was the chairman of the Water Resources Technical Division of IEM for two years until 2005, and chairman of the IEM Special Task Force on: "Mitigation of Issues Related to Flash Floods, Erosion and Sedimentation" in 2003.

Dr. Quek has over 20 years of post-graduate experience mainly in consultancy work. He specialises in the field of water resources including hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and environmental management. He is a regular contributor of engineering journals, seminars and conferences, with more than 30 publications to his credit. 

He has conducted regular workshops, seminars and talks in his fields of expertise. His most successful workshop series is on Urban Drainage Design for engineers- his website http://www.msmam.com has received overwhelming response from visitors.

As a professional engineer, he was involved in the design of the Putrajaya Lake and Wetlands in Malaysia- one of the largest artificial wetlands in the world- measuring more than 11 km in length. He was also the Consultant for the Double Track Electrified Railway Project from Gemas to Kluang in the State of Johor in Malaysia, with a total length of more than 200 km.

Dr. Quek & ICT:

Besides his professional life, he is also a devoted researcher on Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) since 1995. He has spent the last three years researching and developing his website DrQuek.com.

Over the years, he has conducted numerous workshops on web-publishing and internet. One of his most successful workshop series entitled: Internet for Dummies Series- How to build a website without spending 1 cent? The Workshops was a success based on the response he received.

What Can You Get from Dr. Quek?

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Dr. Quek's Site Policy

Dr. Quek's Site Policy is plain and simple as follows:

1. We do not involved in illegal and unethical activities of any kind.

2. We do not associate with any adult sites or sites involved in illegal activities.

3. We do not tolerate email spamming of any kind.

4. We shall honor all requests for refund if the reasons are genuine.

5. We shall adopt a "fair-play" policy in our dealing with our clients.

Where is Dr. Quek?

East Asia:

Office Address: 11-1A, Jalan Bandar 10, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Telephone: 603-58822085 Fax: 603-58821602 Mobile: 6012-2812 590


North America:

Office Address: 4281 Express Lane, Suite L1483, Sarasota, FL 34238, USA. Telephone: (208) 575 2810 Fax: (509) 278 5331

Contact Us- You may contact us via:


Dr. Quek's Help Desk (Please use this to contact us for urgent matters including script delivery. Response time is 12-24 hrs)


Dr. Quek's Email Address (Email is NOT recommended due to spam filtering- If you do not hear from us after 24 hrs, please use our help desk!)


You can also talk to us via:

Skype Name: drquek

Yahoo Messenger ID: drquek

MSN Messenger Email: drquek@hotmail.com.

If I am not online when you called, just leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I am online.

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