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3 Stars Archive

Resources in this category are not as  as big as the 4 stars and 5 stars but nevertheless worth it to look at.

www.perl.com                                                        Articles,books,weblogs,Leaning lab and news

www.cgi2you.com                                                                                       CGI tools for your site's easy, unique and FREE !!

www.devdaily.com                                                                                                        Developer resources (3,000+ links and climbing)

www.devscripts.com                                                            DevScripts.com was formed to allow developers to find the commerical and free server side scripts that are available on the internet today. Also we want to build a comunity of developers...

www.hotscripts.de                                                                                  German scripts archive.

www.howamazing.com                                                                               Your sources of valuable free resources.

www.scriptdex.com                                                                               Scripting resource for web developers.

www.simcoweb.com                                                                        Webmasters resources and custom web design.

www.superscripts.com                                                                     Superscripts cgi script directory.

www.webmasters-resources.com                                                                  Webmasters resources.

Last updated 2nd August 2005