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Dr. Quek's Directory of CGI and PHP script archives

There are literally thousands of script archives on the Net. Some of them are listed in directory like dmoz.com, but many of them are not. So it is not an easy task to locate them quickly.

Dr. Quek's Directory is a listing of all the CGI and PHP script archives on the Net. It is a guide for webmasters and programmers who are searching for CGI or PHP script archives to buy or to sell their scripts and code resources.

Our directory is suitable for webmasters who are looking for archives of quality scripts. Programmers can use our directory to find archives to promote their scripts and to drive traffic to their site.

We believe we are the largest directory of CGI and PHP script archives on the Net. All our listings have been individually checked for quality and are ranked under five (5), four (4) and three (3) stars based on their traffic and quality.

The '5 Stars' section contains the largest and most popular script collections with the most traffic, followed by '4 Stars' and '3 Stars' collections. A full listing of all the archive sites are found under 'All Sites'. Our directory is not affiliated with other script directories.

Please feel free to send us your favourite CGI/Perl script directory to  joseph@drquek.com

5 Stars

Big Webmaster                                     That site provides a collection of around 1.500 webmaster resources such as scripts, tutorials, books and online articles about ASP, C, C++, ColdFusion, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Visual Basic and XML. A very nice feature is the possibility to upload a thumbnail screenshot of the website or software.

SiteScripts                                             Site with a clean layout and a good deal of categories and subcategories.

ScriptZ.com                                      Besides a huge amount of ads like banner, text ads, site sponsors, buttons, and sponsored links a visitor will find the usual script directory.

CGI/PHP Resource Index                       That site comes with the CGI Resource Index with over 5,000 and the PHP Resource Index with over 1,000 links to server side scripts and programs. The CGI Resource Index presents software written in Perl, C, C++, Python, Unix Shell, and Visual Basic. And as the name says the PHP Resource Index contains links to PHP scripts, functions and classes. Started in 1997 is this one of the oldest resources for CGI scripts.

It takes up to a week until a resource is reviewed and added to the index.

Beside the CGI and PHP Resource Index exists a third topic guide - the Web Hosting Resource Index. It provides information and resources to find web space on Unix or Windows web server.

HotScripts.com                                      The site contains thousands of links to server and client side software. Those scripts and programs are written in ASP, C, C++, CFML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python or XML. All categories are well structured and the layout is usable. Visitors can rate a resource (poor to excellent) and members can write reviews of a resource.

If you want to add your script or software to the directory you must register. The resources are reviewed within 3-4 working days. Some of the script categories are quite large with over 100 entries.

ScriptSearch.com                                        Like the two websites above ScriptSearch.com is one of the oldest and largest script archives with over 8,000 resources. The directory is organized by programming language such as ASP, CFML, C, C++, Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, and XML. Each of these categories have subfolders with various script categories.

New resources are reviewed within 1-2 working days. They are one of the quickest in the field. Resources with more than 15 clicks per day rank on top of the category and get a 'hot' icon.


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4 Stars


CGI Scripts Online                                Script related articles, platform and programming language specific scripts, tutorials and other web development tools to help build web site.

CGI-Index.com                                     This site lists a small collection of CGI resources with categories for ASP scripts, Apple Script, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, remotely hosted scripts, sub routines and code snippets, TCL, tutorials and documentations, Unix Shell, and Visual Basic.

AllTheScripts.com                                  This online directory is a younger one and therefore quite small. Around 140 Perl resources and almost 170 PHP scripts are listed. Other categories such as ASP, C and C++, Java, JavaScript, or XML have fewer listings than the two above.

CGIexpo.com                                      Exhibition of CGI scripts, JavaScript, and PHP for dynamic content and control of your web site and databases.

Dr.Quek.com/Perl                                  Dr.Quek's Perl Script Archives containing autoresponders and mailing list management software, Earn-It Manager, Earn-It Manager for Clickbank, Tell-Your-Friends for Clickbank, Affiliate Manager for Clickbank and etc.

CGI-BIN.com is a Web directory that contains annotated links to web scripting/programming, web development, and webmaster resources. The site offers links to Perl, PHP, Flash, Active Server Pages, Java, Javascript, ColdFusion, and Unix scripts and resources.

It is a script collection site like many others with categories for ASP, Apple Script, books, tutorials and FAQ, C, C++, Cold Fusion, hosted scripts, Java, Java Script, PHP, Perl, Python, TCL, and VBScript.

A resource site for Resource for CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP and JavaScript materials.

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3 Stars

Perl.com                              Articles,books,weblogs,Leaning lab and news

Cgi2you.com                                                             CGI tools for your site's easy, unique and FREE !!

Devdaily.com                                                 Developer resources (3,000+ links and climbing)

DevScripts.com was formed to allow developers to find the commercial and free server side scripts that are available on the internet today. Also we want to build a community of developers...

Howamazing.com                                                  Your sources of valuable free resources.

Scriptdex.com                                                 Scripting resource for web developers.

Simcoweb.com                                           Webmasters resources and custom web design.

Superscripts.com                                       Superscripts cgi script directory.

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Last updated 2nd August 2005